Friday, August 20, 2010

Lesson 1. Greetings and Introductions. Joining the Village. Part B

B. Teacher and students teleport to Artstonia and join the village. This is the little tour to the village:

In the village: Students are supposed to get:

1. The Azora Meter (the system used in the village to role play a more natural way of life: eating, resting, staying healthy, resistance and experience are reflected in the meter. It is a tournament/combat/Role Playing meter)

2. Get the Honor Role Play Trade Goods System. The Trade Goods system expands role-play in three seperate parts:  a gathering system, a trading system and valuable player made items. It be useful since students will go on quests to find items and exchange goods. Excellent opportunities for role playing and practicing meaningful little conversations with villagers in Artstonia.

3. Wear medieval clothing. In order to blend with the villagers, students will get a medieval outfit and wear it. They need to get the outfit from a box. The name of the file is AV- Womens RP Care Package.

4. Register to the groups of the village.
Students will join Artstonia's main communication groups. This way they will get notifications of thevents and news happening in the village. As well as, be able to chat with villagers to socialize or ask questions. 

There are two main groups: Artstonia players Society (everybody joins this one) and Artsonia village Medieval roleplay (students will join  this one later, after taking the character deveolpment class). There are several other groups or guilds in the village. For this experience, students will join the Artstonia Mage society, since Pionia Destiny is a Master in that guild.

Artstonia Players Society: This group is used for the Artstonia Medieval Role-play Village Members to converse, send notices, and experience the general mayhem of the village.

Artstonia Village Medieval Roleplay: This Group is dedicated to those who belong to the Artstonia Village, a Medieval Role-play Sim.  This is a Non-Gorean Role-play Sim using the Azora System.  All are welcome to visit and participate in the role-play.

Artstonia Mages Society: The guild of magic is open to all beings that practice, study, or wish to learn The Art of Magic. The great guild is not aligned to any alignment, race, or creed when it comes to our pursuit. We support all sub-schools of magic as well as the generalist traditions. Our magicians are involved in quests, training, and creation of magical items.

5. Meet some of the villagers and practice what they have learned in their basic English Class. Students will interact with villagers and introduce themselves, say their names and ask villagers names and  introduce others.

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